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Stories from Hear exhibition by Sue Des Brosses Redland museum June 2013

My name is Erica Siegel, birds have been my special love since moving into my present Redland home 24 years ago. There were birds in the 21 hectares of bush next door I had never seen or even knew existed. 1 ½ years later the bulldozers arrived, cleared most of the bush for housing and the little birds all disappeared, some right away, others like the Double-barred Finches and a pair of White-throated Honeyeaters hung on for another 18 months but one day they too were gone, chased away by the Noisy Miners that arrived after the clearing.

It truly was paradise lost.

A few years later I took up art again and started to paint the little birds I no longer see and dearly miss. Out of this grew a need for reference photos and I bought a camera. This quickly grew into a passion, not only for recording the birds I saw but I discovered the small creatures we walk past each day without even knowing they are there or considering them worthy of a closer look.

So I started recording the small creatures and birds I saw on a website built by a friend in the UK, which will be closed down, replaced by the new www.ericasiegel-photography.com website I built.

This website is a work in progress so do come back to see what else I have found.

You can find some of my photographs in The Australian Beekeeping Manual by Robert Owen, The Australian Native Bee Book by Tim Heard,  Australian native bees, AgGuide by DPI NSW , Land For Wildlife newletters Jan 2016 /Jan 2017 and various magazines and brochures.

There is a complete list of publications on  LinkedIn

Some framed prints are available at

The Collective Store Wynnum  104 Bay Tce Wynnum or by contacting me.

All images are copyrighted.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website.

Inspiring Senior Redland City 2014

Inspiring Senior Redland City 2014

Shirley Graham,Mary Adcock, Clr Paul Bishop, Erica, Louise Gibbon

display Redland museum 2016

display Redland museum 2016

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